Halmstad BK U13

Registration number: 1006
Registrator: -
Primary shirt color: Blue
Leader: -
Silver medal! Reached second place in Playoff C
Halmstad BK was one of 8 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during Nacka Invitational Cup 2017. They participated with one team in Boys born 2004.

In addition to Halmstad BK, 19 other teams from 8 different countries played in Boys born 2004. They were divided into 4 different groups, whereof Halmstad BK could be found in Group B together with PSV Eindhoven, LB07, Stabæk IF and IFK Berga.

Halmstad BK made it to Playoff C after reaching 4:th place in Group B. Once in the playoff they made it all the way to the Final, but lost it against Vålerenga IF with 4-6. Thereby Halmstad BK finished second in U13 Playoff C during Nacka Invitational Cup 2017.

Halmstad comes from Halmstad which lies approximately 430 km from Lidingö, where Nacka Invitational Cup takes place.

6 games played


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